GBP Solutions

Global Business Partners, Inc. (also known as GBP) started in the property preservation and inspections industry in 2006 as a small family owned company. Our main goal was to provide excellence in our services and a fast turnaround GBP started as a one man company and has quickly grown to have a strong network of field associates.

Over the years we have expanded our territory coverage and widen our range of services. We have surpassed many obstacles and have adapted to many industry changes. GBP has achieved tremendous amount of work and became one of the fastest growing companies in the mortgage field industry. We owe our success to an unwavering commitment to putting customers first. With each new client, we customize our specifications, procedures and teams, in order to complete works exactly to client requirements. We pride ourselves on assembling the most capable teams in the business: we handpick, screen, educate, and train the best and brightest to make sure that they become and remain masters at their craft.

Our Services

GBP has a consistent and well trained sub-contractor network that combined with our office staff is designed to provide Property Preservation and Inspection services to a wide variety of clients: banks, lenders, code enforcement officers, and real estate agents.

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